Most Important

There’s been a lot of talk floating around about the advent of the quarter-life crisis and how “what I want to do when I grow up” is becoming a question people ask in their twenties. I’ve thought about it for awhile now – it actually came up in relation to singleness and relationships, […]

Fade to Gray

I could never survive in the Pacific Northwest. We had nothing but gray skies and fog all week, and it was driving me insane. And then this morning, be it only for a few hours, the sky cleared and the sun rose and I stood in my living room with the blinds wide […]

Surrender, or…


We don’t like that word. I don’t like that word. I really don’t like it applied to me.

I’m a very independent person. I do things on my own. I like to be self-sufficient. And the word “surrender” says to me things that I don’t want.



It is human nature to try to turn every situation to our own advantage, and to find the easiest way through it. This is not a bad thing. It’s why we have engineers and explorers and artists. They are the ones who see the world a little differently from everyone else, who try […]

In Defense of the Small

Yesterday, a friend of mine (she knows who she is) told me that she and her husband are officially “old” because they got a humidifier for Christmas. (And were happy about it.) And I said, “Oh, come on. You know how excited I was about my flannel sheets, right?” It’s like we’ve got […]