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My choir director frequently says stuff that doesn’t make sense.
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The worst thing about waking up from a coma, I think, would be finding out how much you missed. There’d be this block of time – days, weeks, months – that didn’t exist, like pages torn out of a book, and as thoroughly as people describe what you missed, it’d be a poor substitute for the pages themselves. Continue reading Lapsed »

No Joy

Joy is a gift.

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Purpose versus Cure

One of the bigger arguments in the Christian church can be summed up like this: “Faith and works”.
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Give up. Let go. Cut it out. Go limp. All are valid translations of the Hebrew word raphah, which begins Psalm 46:10. It’s a well-known verse, but I think it’s been misunderstood. The ESV translates it, “Be still, and know that I am God.” If you wanted, you could translate it, “lose heart.”
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On the Edge

A few months back, when describing how I felt at the time, I said it was like being stripped to studs. Continue reading On the Edge »

Not my problem

I have a problem. l don’t know when problems aren’t mine.
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And then it gets weird

God works in ridiculous ways.

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We are capable of a lot. We’re born with talents and develop skills and strengths. “You can do anything you set your mind to” is mostly true. The human race got as far as the moon with no computers as sophisticated as the average pocket calculator. Patience, time, and sheer determination are all it takes to achieve extraordinary things.

And drive ourselves to ruin in the meantime. Continue reading Let »