On the Edge

A few months back, when describing how I felt at the time, I said it was like being stripped to studs.


And then it gets weird

God works in ridiculous ways.


Don’t Panic

“Don’t panic.”

I love that phrase. Most geeks do. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is full of quirky essays, rambly asides, and bits and pieces of razor-sharp insight. This is probably my favorite.



One of my favorite things on television right now is Doctor Who, a very old, very weird, very British sci fi about an alien who goes traveling through time and space and saves the day through sheer ingenuity. Just recently, there was an episode that gave me pause about the nature of belief.


I said, shut up

Those who know me know that my favorite book in the world is The Lord of the Rings. The odd thing, though, is that every time I read it, I notice something different. Yesterday I was reading the chapter “Mount Doom”, and half a paragraph struck me like never before. Those who’ve seen […]