Sometime recently, I managed to forget who I am.
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Variations on a Theme

No two people are exactly the same.
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We are all slaves.

Slavery is, apparently, essential to the way we work. We must be enslaved to something: we must obey something. Something must be our driving force and end goal. We must have something to adhere to, to follow, to be our identity and our touchstone. We must belong to something. Continue reading Slavery »


It’s almost May.

My balcony door is open. At 7PM the sun’s still up, there are birds singing and the sky is blue. And time is entirely out of whack.
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I haven’t written much lately, because I haven’t had much to say.

The reason I haven’t had much to say isn’t that not much has happened, but rather, too much. Continue reading Speechless »


Everybody has a story.
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It’s easy to stand on a mountaintop and praise God. Not that there aren’t people who, upon reaching a mountaintop, decide to praise themselves instead. Continue reading All-terrain »


I found a neat book today. It was called How to Build a Fire: and Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew. Continue reading Practice »


I like tea. Hot tea. Which puts me in the minority as an American. My friends like to tease me about it, because I’m picky. I don’t hardly drink it unless I make it myself, because it’s not good tea. It’s usually a brand I don’t like, and it’s not brewed correctly. You could assume that I like fancy tea, tea that’s named after the estate it was grown on, or it has rare herbs in it, and that I use bone china and a silver tea basket at home. Continue reading Priorities »

Lose it

Christopher Hitchens was afraid to die. Not of being dead, or maybe he was and I don’t know it, but Doug Wilson at Christianity Today shared something interesting when he wrote about Hitchens last week. Wilson’s article is full of respect for Hitchens, and says some important things about the relationship between Christians and atheists. Near the end, there’s a paragraph or two about how Hitchens told people that if, as he was dying, he “gave in” to Christianity/religion in general, “If he confessed faith, then he, the Christopher Hitchens that we all knew, should be counted as already dead.” Continue reading Lose it »